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Since his earliest childhood, Clement GAUD is passionate about watches, chronometers and other instruments of measurement of the Time that he discovers in the universe of antique shops where he grows, thus forming his eye to the quality of the beautiful objects.

His design degree in his pocket, it is natural that he will work in Switzerland, in Neuchâtel, in a watch design agency where for five years, he acquired a solid experience and expanded his network working for the biggest names Swiss watchmaking.

In early 2017, he becomes independent to realize his dream: To create his own brand of Swiss watches : LAVENTURE

Logo de Laventure Watches

“LAVENTURE® is a universal word that makes us dream and takes us back to many imaginations of expeditions, exploration, discovery and extraordinary journeys. »

Clément Gaud
Founder of Laventure Watches


LAVENTURE® celebrates the different univers of exploration: sea, air, land, space and others, to create genuinely vintage “Tool Watches”.

A true instrument for the adventurer who loves beautiful objects, LAVENTURE®, a watch of character, constitutes a sort of link between past and present, tradition and modernity. 

Through a vintage, we set out to discover an imagination linked to exploration: LAVENTURE® Marine, Sous-marine, Transatlantique or even Automobile…

Laventure Watches
Laventure Watches
Laventure Watches

Made in Switzerland

To be stamped “Swiss Made”, a watch must satisfy at least 60% Swiss value.

Since 2018, LAVENTURE watches are 100% Swiss value. 100% Swiss Made: All components are really produced in Switzerland.

A quality requirement

The proximity of suppliers, the choice of quality materials, the transformation by passionate craftsmen, are essential assets to meet the objective of creating beautiful products.

Local production

Design in Neuchâtel, conception and production in La Chaux-de-Fonds: only 18 km separate these two places.

Limited editions & production

Certain models from the LAVENTURE® collections are produced in very limited editions, numbered with a beautiful and deep engraving on the caseback. When a limited edition is sold out, it’s over. It will not be reproduced.

For the other models which are not limited edition, it is their annual production which is limited. A choice driven by the quality requirements of the House and the desire to equip more adventurers.

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